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1 (6) -34-2-0.667L115254.89248.43
Division 1: Americas
1 (6) -34-2-0.667L115254.89248.43
2 (9) -23-3-0.500L213273.52257.37
3 (12) +13-3-0.500W14279.90249.24
4 (14) 1-5-0.167L22247.97311.36
Division 2: European
1 (4) +44-2-0.667W116252.92261.64
2 (5) -44-2-0.667L111267.23244.19
3 (15) 1-5-0.167L59229.42284.01
4 (16) 0-6-0.000L61232.34296.54
Division 3: Pacific Rim
1 (2) +25-1-0.833W48272.18216.65
2 (8) +33-3-0.500W26249.07239.80
3 (10) -13-3-0.500W210256.12287.17
4 (13) -32-4-0.333L33243.07266.70
Division 4: Third World
1 (1) +15-1-0.833W212290.34268.52
2 (3) +34-2-0.667W47277.06231.90
3 (7) -23-3-0.500L214281.16280.41
4 (11) +13-3-0.500W35298.95262.21
* Rank change shown is from week 5 - 6

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League Player News

  • 10/20, 10:49 am
    • Woods caught four balls on five...

      Woods caught four balls on five targets for a disappointing 10 yards in Sunday's win over the Vikings. He was on the field for 64 of 70 offensive plays, The Buffalo News reports.

      Analysis: Woods probably had a good view of the Sammy Watkins Show again Sunday, as the rookie has outperformed everyone else in the Buffalo receiving corps this season by a good margin. Woods has 48 targets through seven games, not too bad of a number as the second wideout, but his 25/244/1 line is disappointing for a starter, as is his 5.08 yards per target after he put up 6.91 last season as a rookie. Perhaps his production will start to bounce back if teams start to respect the damage Watkins has been doing. That's what happened in Week 6, when Woods caught seven passes on 10 targets while New England's Darrelle Revis was all over Watkins.

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  • 10/20, 10:48 am
    • Stewart had five tackles (four solo)...

      Stewart had five tackles (four solo) and one pass defensed in Sunday's 29-7 win over the Falcons.

      Analysis: Stewart and rookie Terrence Brooks each played approximately two-thirds of the snaps, while Matt Elam and Will Hill each logged about one-third. If it continues, the four-safety rotation will likely prevent any of the bunch from being a useful IDP option. With no clear winner having emerged at this point, it's probably best to avoid Stewart and any of his fellow Baltimore safeties.

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  • 10/20, 10:45 am
    • Brooks had six tackles (five solo)...

      Brooks had six tackles (five solo) in Sunday's 29-7 win over the Falcons.

      Analysis: The Ravens oddly used a four-safety rotation, with Brooks and Darian Stewart each logging about two-thirds of the snaps, while Will Hill and Matt Elam each played approximately one-third. It's a situation that prevents any of the players from having IDP relevance, but the team may eventually settle on one or two of the safeties as every-down players. Elam and Stewart, the starters all season, have not been especially impressive, with Elam noticeably the weakest link on an otherwise excellent defense.

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  • 10/20, 10:44 am
    • Branch will be out six weeks...

      Branch will be out six weeks with torn groin muscle, the Florida Times-Union reports.

      Analysis: Branch has recorded three sacks, two forced fumbles and 13 tackles in seven games for the Jags to date, so he's only an option in deeper IDP formats, but his absence represents an unwelcome hit to the team's defensive end depth.

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  • 10/20, 10:41 am
    • Webb had six tackles (five solo)...

      Webb had six tackles (five solo) and one pass defensed in Sunday's 29-7 win over the Broncos.

      Analysis: Working as an every-down player for the second straight week, Webb held his own against the dangerous duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White, with a major assist from the excellent Baltimore pass rush. While he still doesn't look like the Pro Bowl-caliber corner from past seasons, Webb may put his name back into the IDP conversation, as opposing quarterbacks seemingly prefer to attack him over fellow Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

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